Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Whether you celebrate or not, have a great holiday season, and don't mind all the lack of business today! :P

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Hovering!

This is the first video that I've uploaded to Youtube that the source file was over 2GB. The source to this file is about 5.18 GB and apparently I now have 15 min cap thanks to the subscribers! So thank you everyone, and I'll make longer and higher resolution videos now!

Anyhow, It's that time of year, and even in Alpha - Miner Wars 2081 shows it's love for the holidays by placing some fun nog in the dark and dirty grunge that is Miner Wars. More games it seems are seeming to get a festive light, as in Killing Floor and TF2. So naturally Miner Wars is among the good ones with a little something for everyone!  

Who wouldn't want to spend some quality time with ditches and ores?! Ho, ho, ho!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ahh December time...

     Not sure what it is exactly, but there is a certain smell to this time of year.  The foods seem to be different, and the eggs are nogged and the essence of cinnamon lure here and there.  The mass is christ-y and the days are holly, and all around there is a penetration of cold that comes in through the walls.

The noses are red, and much is a dripping.  The sales are black in vending mall stripping.  And I hope you all sit back and enjoy some hot chocolate sipping!  Happy Holidays!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

To Ban or Taliban?

    EA has an interesting look at the new Medal of Honor game they created.  So they select the current war to cover the game one, where it's the US against the middle east.  In single player you play against the Taliban as the opposing force.  They're called Taliban and from someone who plays any fps you should be pretty used to it.  However in multiplayer, they have been changed from Taliban to Opposing force to comply with a government censor that seems like a Ruse.

     The censorship starts at Military bases refusing to sell a video game on the current war based on soldier's potential feelings about the matter (in a negative light).  While that is perfectly understandable some of the soldiers would love to be able to touch up on their skills and be able to shoot some Taliban on their off time.  However this isn't the problem, the problem is that during multiplayer the player is able to be Taliban and shoot American soldiers.  Thus the nomenclature in multiplayer of other potential Americans shooting them under the identity of the Taliban was too much for the soldiers who have to deal with the real thing every day?!

     I would give our soldiers more credit than that, but since the government seems to have their panties in a bunch about it, EA caves and decides to change it for them... to see if they would allow them to sell it on military bases again.  This in no way changes the availability of these to the soldiers off base nor should it be banned on a military base with the changes made to it.  Even with the changes it isn't being sold, so this game was censored for nothing basically.  Loosing many players who would have bought the game if it had Taliban in it (I have seen many canceled orders from it because of this) and still not making any kind of impact on the market they were reaching with the censorship.

     I just think of Counter-Strike and how it's genius works.  It's the most played FPS online and the opposition is named "Terrorists" and the infamous phrase "Terrorists win!" when you win/loose.  I'm sure if Medal of Honor just named the Taliban Terrorists that could solve this, but the level of censorship in Video Games is getting pretty ugly.  So Americans shoot Americans as Taliban? Nobody says anything about Americans playing a game as Nazis shooting other Americans like in Day of Defeat... It's historical and overlooked, as this should be.  We don't to follow the pattern of destroying and altering history.  Tell it how it is...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Miner Wars 70% Discount

     Apart from the Miner Wars .com page getting a few features like a Store Front, and Statistics upgrades, the Test Build is being offered via pre-order.  Here is a readout from the page:

"This last phase of development was rewarding, but really very hectic. In recent weeks, we haveintensified our efforts to establish relationships with publishers and investors. The good news is, We have made a lot of progress in this regard and so we have decided to share our progress with all the fans. Literally! Finally, we are publicly releasing the game in its current pre-alpha state at a 70% discount from the price of the final version! Every player who chooses to buy the game at this stage of development will not only be able to play the game now, but will also receive monthly updates, as well get the full game at its release with no additional charges. We will be adding a lot of content to the game as we progress. As time goes by, and we near our final release date, this offer will become more expensive for you, so now is the chance to get the game for just a small portion of the price."

     What more could you want, a 6DoF mining space game, on sale for a ridiculous price, and you see it being developed.  There isn't too much gameplay aspect now besides computer AI dogfights and tunnel blasting madness but it shows much promise of a great in-house game engine and a very sandbox feel gameplay.

What are you waiting for check it out ----> Miner Wars

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What is Trichording? (Tricoording)

     Trichording is the ultimate skill in a 6DoF world. It's compairable to straferunning, Where if you move forward at X speed, and you also move to the side at the same X speed, then if you go both forward and to the side, you straferun, allowing your top moving speed to be ultimately faster than if you just went forward. 

     Now you could talk about this in a realistic sense, because it's physically possible in real life, however our current technology (at least that which is commercial or feasible) doesn't allow for us to consider this a practice.  I'm sure in the future this will be as common as is drifting to cars, but until we move like this we'll have to talk about it in video games.

     When I first started playing Descent, I didn't know anything about tricoording, So my controls were pretty standard. I played the game the first time just with backwards and forwards as movement controls. The I played multiplayer and hated multiplayer because I epically failed. So then I started getting tips, like sliding in more directions to escape certain attacks. So the second time I played I added the S anc X Up/Down controls to my current configuration. Then I learned what an advantage trichording was and took my time developing my tricoording skills. So basically if you move 1x speed in the X axis, then you move 1.4x speed with X/Y axis, and about 1.7x speed in all X/Y/Z axis. This should explaing it better than I did...

     Why I use two spellings? I think I'm the only one I've ever seen type it two different ways, but I do this because each word has a different meaning to me.

Trichording (Verb/Noun) - 1) The act of moving(chording)and rotating in three axis at once. 2)The ability to physically chord in three axis. (singular, to trichord)

Tricoording (Adj/Adv) - 1)The controling or ploting of coordinates in three axis. 2)The ability to manage chording and rotating in three axis at once at all times.

     Thus in Star Trek, those 'trichorders' are actually Tricoorders.  Because they plot and scan the area around them on a 3 axis level.  And don't actually manipulate movement in any way.  However I could see how the mistake was made when the word was made.

I have a video of Descent 3 multiplayer combat, CTF more precisely showcasing both of these tactics.  I start getting in the zone around when the music hits.  You'll notice how I make use of all my axis and when i'm going 'straight' i'm somewhat looking at the ground a bit to compensate for the angle of inertia i'm causing.  I do ok considering I have 200 ping to Germany :D

From a post in Miner Wars Forums: Here

What is 6DoF?

Six Degrees of Freedom

     6DoF was a term coined by Interplay for Descent in video games. Seeing as it was the first game to promote such, because the user was able to control these axis. And unless you're givin strict control over that axis it is not a Freedom, but a limitation. Thus not all game give you any control over all of these axis.

     Notice how Luner Lander or Asteroids is only 2DOF. Because the user is only given control over two of the axis. You can go diagonally but that doesn't justify more Degrees of Freedom.

From wiki, By definition 6DOF is:

     "Six degrees of freedom (6DoF) refers to motion of a rigid body in three-dimensional space, namely the ability to move forward/backward, up/down, left/right (translation in three perpendicular axes) combined with rotation about three perpendicular axes (pitch, yaw, roll). As the movement along each of the three axes is INDEPENDANT of each other and independent of the rotation about any of these axes, the motion indeed has six degrees of freedom."

     Notice I put the keyword in caps. Some game engines don't allow for full 6DOF movement even, and must have fake ways of implamenting certain features like leaning in some FPS. Perhaps you can move in these fashions but in limited ways, for example you can crouch and jump, but you can't nessesarily fly, and if you fly in most cases (like DragonBallZ) you cant bank.

     There are many claims made by people that certain devices will be six degrees of freedom when in fact they are not.  A few easy to mistake objects are Helicopters, or Harrier Jets.  I have a radio controlled helicopter. And understand the troubles of this 6DoF.  The Helicopter isn't free do move on every axis, but uses it's momentum to slide into them while switching control of the axis.  A Helicopter is a simulated 4DoF device or a true 2DoF device:

1DOF - Up and down from the top rotor spinning. And blades moving. (TRUE)
2DOF - The tilt forward and back from the top rotor for simulated movement forward (notice this is a limited movemnt and if held too long will serve as pitch)
3DOF - The tilt side to side of the top rotor for simulated movment from side to side (notice this is also a limtited movment and if held too long will serve as bank)
4DOF - The tail rotor which rotates the helicopter's heading. Either on lower or higher timing than the top rotor sync.  (TRUE)

     Notice without the top rotor the function of the rest of the freedoms fail.  Thus only true freedoms are the top rotor spinning, and the required tail rotor to keep you from spinning and making the top rotor functional.

     With airplanes it's worse, where there is only one functional freedom, Thrust.  Forward for true 1DoF, and simulated banking, heading, and yaw for 4DoF but only when moving.  The Harrier Jet doesn't have more freedoms, it has to reroute it's engines from back thrust to down thrust to hover, so the amount of freedoms stay the same.  Unless it could thrust forward and up at the same time.  In which case it's 2DoF still because the pilot wouldn't bank when that's happening... 

     There is no current known object that does true 6DoF, and if most people saw one, pilots included, they would claim it's a UFO.  Unless we somehow have figured out anti-gravity and enough renewable energy to support it.

     Trichording is a movement that is only possible in 6DoF environments.  This is the ultimate skill in a 6DoF world, and is similar to strafe running.  However instead of moving in one diagonal direction, you move in three.

From a Miner Wars forum thread: Here

Monday, September 20, 2010

Miner Wars

I was looking for a new 6Degrees of freedom game, however this is a scarce type of game so it makes searching easy.  The problem is there is a misunderstanding of what a 6DoF game really means.  So there are games who make this claim who don't fully support a 6DoF environment.  Sorting those out a bit I came across something that caught my eye...

Miner Wars is a six degrees of freedom first person shooter with a destructible environment.  Not only this but it also is going to be MMO so you can play with your friends.  The game is currently in closed beta, and there is a community of members who are able to voice their opinions about the game in a mature environment.  

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Smooooch is a Spy!~

If you haven't already seen it here is a video of Smooooch ●∀● in decent definition.  I'm surprised how many TF2 players place their characters in other game settings, but this one is rediculous... Beatmania?! Yes...

To visit the artists page click the picture,  Team Fortress 2 is taking over all the games...  What is Beatmania you say?  Here is a video of gameplay:

First Impressions of Final Fantasy XIV from a FFXI player

     Final Fantasy XIV is now in open beta, and I'm happy to be a part of it.  It's a long awaited game for myself loving Final Fantasy XI, so I decided to give FFXIV an open mind.  However many things are upsetting, and some you would think would be easy to get over, but over time show their evil faces.  I joined the Selbina server thinking many FFXI players would be there, and be of help, perhaps that was half true.
This next section may contain Spoilers if anyone wants to play the game with a clear slate.
 Starting the game from the mindset of a FFXI player this is bascially the feel of starting a game:

     You start making your character and you are suprised how many options you're now given, however you notice most of the 'new' races are the old races with small modifications.  Like the Galka have no tails, and instead of 'tarutaru' there is another type of infant looking adult choice.  You let that slide seeing how most  Final Fantasys throw around names and terms, and then see how there are other choices for alliances - you have no idea what any of it means but think the stats help you, and choose according to those.  Then it hits ya... Classes.

     Who named the classes?!  It's the worst choices of names and starter jobs for anyone who wanted to pick their favorite class.  Basically the only guys you can be sure on are, Pulgist which you're pretty sure is Monk, and Archer which you're pretty sure is ranger.  But the other's are pretty out there, maybe the warrior is the one with the blade, but wait, does that marauder have a giant axe?! and look a lancer, lost his dragon.  Poor bloke.  Heavens forbid you want to be a mage, there are only two choices, and from their names you're not sure who's the blm and who's the whm... but you look at weapons and then decern from the staff/wand who is who.  But wait, there are non-combative classes / professions?!  Well you can start your character off as a fisherman, and have absolutely no way to try to defend yourself (but you don't know that yet, and you want a real class so you don't even consider the profession classes at this time, you'll regret doing that later.) So you pick the mage with the wand the THM (I'm not spelling it out, it's ugly).

     Glad that's over, then you choose a birthdate and a god, I guess these things align you with the overall clock time and have an effect on your luck and elemantal allignmants.  Then you pick a City, and choose the particular one for your situation.  I was an elf archer, so I choose the woodlands which reminded me of San d'oria. But we choose THM this time lets say mithra.  Then the serverlist and you're in... You take a breath to enjoy the moment as you are to embark into a journey once again ;)

     Cutscene starts, you find yourself in amazement of the new ingame graphics, character voices, and facial animations that were not in FFXI.  You start to see the detail and work into the lore they're putting into this... then you are randomly placed in the footsteps of a hero, being at the wrong place at the right time.  There is no explaination of how you got there, who owns the land, nor why you're soo ignorant to everything for have started his life wandering around... but you overlook this and are happy to see your first battle.  Then are Cutscened to town... This is where your first dose of FFXIV is...

     You're released into town, and you feel your lack of restrictions enpower you.  You stumble across some vital controls for a bit while you realise how to interact with objects.  You HAVE to open your menu.  No more clicking something then checking them from a genious submenu... There is no sub for the Big Menu... However you notice the menu options are about half as abundant, and about half as complex.  So you feel confident enough to walk out and kill something... You reach the gate, and what's this? You're teleported back to where you started... you see "You can not leave this instance..."

     Instance? I'm not as free as I first anticipated, but you see other players, but you stay and notice so you go back into town and teleport again!  Ahh trapped, ok you must talk to the NPCs to leave, got it, then you continue to the Cutscene inside the bar/hostle. You figure this is where you're let free, and sure enough you're givin your first mission to head somewhere and start seeing people load around you causing some significant lag.  This is it, you know it, and start heading to the marked place on your map.

    Somewhere about this time you try to communicate, only to find few if almost None of your previous commandlines work.  /cm is nolonger functional, it's /chatmode ... and basically the only other commandlines are emotes. 

     You get to the spot on map, and you see a crystal camp.  You walk on the way to the crystal camp, and you spot a mob! Hurray hurrah, my first kill... lets see Target, yep attack... attack.... ATTACK!!! WTF?!  It won't attack, hmm maybe this person comming my way from the distance will help me...  As you try to formuate a resonable request for help, the bloke comes by and kills your target creature... Ok so you walk to the new one, and same.. Can't attack...?
Here you're expected to learn how the system works.  Quests are given to you as cards, called Leves.  Unless you have a card and do a quest, you'll not be too assured EXP.  Kinda in the same way where you hit level 10 and then if you don't go to the dunes, you're probrobly skilling up or wasting time, or having fun.   However in FFXI you were given mobs to fight, and you were able to fight them. Not the case in FFXIV. 
Here you have to 'pre-order' your monsters, by iniating a quest.  For example, You can be out and find a mob that is truly out and on it's own and attackable.  You can kill these as they spawn, but you will encounter other mobs spawning, that are other people's mission mobs.  They aren't color coated to indicate they're quest mobs for somone, so you walk across the map to find the ONE monster who's spawned only to find out it's not attackable because it belongs to somone on a quest.  So only half the mobs you encounter you will ever be able to fight.  I don't mind being able to see other people's mobs as long as I can tell they're useless to attack.  Also other people's mobs are the same color as the mobs you attack so you can't tell the difference either...

     But you finally do get your own mob, and you attack it, but unlike FFXI there is no more auto attack system, every simple / advanced attack has to be done manually and somwhat like an active battle system of FFXII.  So you struggle a bit with timing your attacks and getting any magic off without canceling.  Defeat the foe, and then you're low on HP....  So rest right? Nope now you just put your weapon away and heal up.  This has been very improved you can now heal while walking, but at a slower pace.

     At the Crystal Camp you get your mission, see you have 30 mins to do it, so you get to it quickly and see how you need to kill the quest creature, and how other's can't attack them.  Thats about the first few hours right there...

    Then the next hours are spent figuring out what to do in storyline, and what you need to do to aquire more quest levels (cards) which is go back to the hostle and get them from the commisioner.

     There are many things you will miss from FFXI, but there are improvements to the system.  Does the good out weigh the bad?

Good things:
*Waay less zones, citys and the fighting areas are zoneless. ^^
*Shiney graphics
*Facial Animations
*Your Stat points can be allocated any way you like.
*IME support regardless of region.
*Windowed support (still crashes in fullscreen like FFXI tho)

Bad things:
*No previous Command lines...
*The jobs are few, and named poorly.
*The quest system seems of repetative nature.
*The lore of the land seems under developed.
*The time it takes to realize what to do after death is rediculous.
*Switching weapons switches your job, or so I hear, there is no easy way to switch jobs, so it's one step away from WoW.
*Friend's list is one way... Stalkers anyone?
*The blacklist doesn't work properly (perhaps because of beta) gil sellers in beta btw - Expect a Great economy, and by great I mean j/k.

I'm sure many things will change as it goes along, but the whole convention feels all messed up, and needs a lot of work.  When FFXI came out it felt like Final Fantasy.  This feels like Crystal Chronicals >_>

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oblivion... ?

From a Steam Chat:
Monday, September 13, 2010

5:03 PM - Memory Thief: *ninja teleports to rev's teleportation casuing him to teleport back*
5:03 PM - Memory Thief: foolish sushi stealing
5:03 PM - Revjak: muahaha
5:03 PM - Memory Thief: all miens young sushi (Inside joke via local sushi place)
5:03 PM - Revjak: teleports mem into oblivion and cuts off magic
5:04 PM - Memory Thief: uses technology to teleport magic away from rev, and puts him in oklahoma!
5:04 PM - Revjak: HAH
5:04 PM - Revjak: oblivion has NO nothing
5:04 PM - Memory Thief: maybe those people who told you about it were lying
5:05 PM - Memory Thief: and oblivion is a elder scroll
5:05 PM - Revjak: oblivion is nothingness
5:06 PM - Memory Thief: Obviously not if I'm able to be there...
5:06 PM - Memory Thief: Paradox

So... How can I be in oblivion when it's supposed to be nothing, would I be the only something inhabiting nothing? or are there other somethings in nothingness that is 'oblivion' and would that make it void?

Start !

Mostly setup, I am testing out the functionality of this blog site.

On my title, I choose such a great title, because I can...

Why is this the blog title?

So any comments on why my title would be a bad blog title would be appreciated...

Not sure whether I'll keep it but it does justice for now...