Monday, September 13, 2010

Oblivion... ?

From a Steam Chat:
Monday, September 13, 2010

5:03 PM - Memory Thief: *ninja teleports to rev's teleportation casuing him to teleport back*
5:03 PM - Memory Thief: foolish sushi stealing
5:03 PM - Revjak: muahaha
5:03 PM - Memory Thief: all miens young sushi (Inside joke via local sushi place)
5:03 PM - Revjak: teleports mem into oblivion and cuts off magic
5:04 PM - Memory Thief: uses technology to teleport magic away from rev, and puts him in oklahoma!
5:04 PM - Revjak: HAH
5:04 PM - Revjak: oblivion has NO nothing
5:04 PM - Memory Thief: maybe those people who told you about it were lying
5:05 PM - Memory Thief: and oblivion is a elder scroll
5:05 PM - Revjak: oblivion is nothingness
5:06 PM - Memory Thief: Obviously not if I'm able to be there...
5:06 PM - Memory Thief: Paradox

So... How can I be in oblivion when it's supposed to be nothing, would I be the only something inhabiting nothing? or are there other somethings in nothingness that is 'oblivion' and would that make it void?

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