Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Miner Wars 70% Discount

     Apart from the Miner Wars .com page getting a few features like a Store Front, and Statistics upgrades, the Test Build is being offered via pre-order.  Here is a readout from the page:

"This last phase of development was rewarding, but really very hectic. In recent weeks, we haveintensified our efforts to establish relationships with publishers and investors. The good news is, We have made a lot of progress in this regard and so we have decided to share our progress with all the fans. Literally! Finally, we are publicly releasing the game in its current pre-alpha state at a 70% discount from the price of the final version! Every player who chooses to buy the game at this stage of development will not only be able to play the game now, but will also receive monthly updates, as well get the full game at its release with no additional charges. We will be adding a lot of content to the game as we progress. As time goes by, and we near our final release date, this offer will become more expensive for you, so now is the chance to get the game for just a small portion of the price."

     What more could you want, a 6DoF mining space game, on sale for a ridiculous price, and you see it being developed.  There isn't too much gameplay aspect now besides computer AI dogfights and tunnel blasting madness but it shows much promise of a great in-house game engine and a very sandbox feel gameplay.

What are you waiting for check it out ----> Miner Wars

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