Thursday, October 21, 2010

To Ban or Taliban?

    EA has an interesting look at the new Medal of Honor game they created.  So they select the current war to cover the game one, where it's the US against the middle east.  In single player you play against the Taliban as the opposing force.  They're called Taliban and from someone who plays any fps you should be pretty used to it.  However in multiplayer, they have been changed from Taliban to Opposing force to comply with a government censor that seems like a Ruse.

     The censorship starts at Military bases refusing to sell a video game on the current war based on soldier's potential feelings about the matter (in a negative light).  While that is perfectly understandable some of the soldiers would love to be able to touch up on their skills and be able to shoot some Taliban on their off time.  However this isn't the problem, the problem is that during multiplayer the player is able to be Taliban and shoot American soldiers.  Thus the nomenclature in multiplayer of other potential Americans shooting them under the identity of the Taliban was too much for the soldiers who have to deal with the real thing every day?!

     I would give our soldiers more credit than that, but since the government seems to have their panties in a bunch about it, EA caves and decides to change it for them... to see if they would allow them to sell it on military bases again.  This in no way changes the availability of these to the soldiers off base nor should it be banned on a military base with the changes made to it.  Even with the changes it isn't being sold, so this game was censored for nothing basically.  Loosing many players who would have bought the game if it had Taliban in it (I have seen many canceled orders from it because of this) and still not making any kind of impact on the market they were reaching with the censorship.

     I just think of Counter-Strike and how it's genius works.  It's the most played FPS online and the opposition is named "Terrorists" and the infamous phrase "Terrorists win!" when you win/loose.  I'm sure if Medal of Honor just named the Taliban Terrorists that could solve this, but the level of censorship in Video Games is getting pretty ugly.  So Americans shoot Americans as Taliban? Nobody says anything about Americans playing a game as Nazis shooting other Americans like in Day of Defeat... It's historical and overlooked, as this should be.  We don't to follow the pattern of destroying and altering history.  Tell it how it is...

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