Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why don't people play games?

I understand that some people don't like games, however when you break them down into groups it's quite obvious why...

@Those who can't play - If you are an epileptic or have quadriplegia then it's very understandable why you would never play video games, but if you are uncoordinated or just plain suck at thinking - perhaps organised movements are too much for you, or so you make it seem. These people may try to play but end up making mistakes after mistakes which discourage them from playing. Little do they know, thats just a regular learning curve, and if they kept at it they would probably get good.

@Those who fear competition - You might be the best player in the world, but start sweating at the hands when someone wants you to prove yourself. Perhaps you just don't try because the whole idea of the game is to see who's better, maybe you are worried some jerk is going to call you a noob. (they'll do that no matter what) These people usually break out of their shells when they're ready enough, and then nothing can tame the silent killer.

@Those who's beliefs conflict with games - If you're religious, then it's hard to say what exactly this is about, but some religions don't allow violent and sometimes 'alternative' lifestyle depictions. I remember when Doom came out, it had the devil and thats what made it cool. Some people don't think thats soo cool... (for the hoard?)

@Those who aren't interested - This usually falls into the 'old people' category who seem to have 'outgrown' their ideas of fun, and now have lifestyles that don't include such. This can be further broken down into other categories, but if any of these apply then chances are most of them apply.

Timeless Twilight

     Many older shows like Lost in Space, which were believable when they first released because the common person didn't have the scientific knowledge to try to verify or justify the plot, became less believable as time progressed.  You wouldn't imagine how many people were genuinely worried for the Lost in Space crew just watching the show, and the all time concern over watching that show: "Why not just kill Dr.Smith?!" Which would ruin the whole dynamic of the show and it would become very boring after that, gotta love Dr.Smith. >:A

     However it's downfall came when it was too ridiculous to keep going, and the 'monsters' they would use for one episode were saved and used later on a different planet in another episode, needless to say if you were to watch this today, it wouldn't nearly have the same impact on a kid than it did when it came out because the kid (Besides seeing something in black and white perhaps for the first time and wondering why) wouldn't believe the premise.  Where at the same time, it's competitor Star Trek, which involved more realistic settings, would still be more or less buyable by today's settings.  You'd just get the whole retro 50's blast to the past feel.  Why didn't the future look like they thought it would in the 50's, that space-age look was badass...

     This is where shows like the Twilight Zone shine, because despite the setting being in the mindset of the yesteryear's production, it still holds the same impact watching it for the first time today than it would have watching it for the first time when it was released.  Making something that timeless is something I could only otherwise give credit to The Beatles for...  Here is one episode that I remember the best when I think twilight zone:

Monday, January 17, 2011


     Well, Server was down for a bit due to unmodifications.  It seems that Hey0 will no longer be making releases, thus our fancy stuff is now out of the question.  In part this is a good thing because I noticed Hey0 (at least the newest release) was doing really funky stuff, and the server is quite running better without it.  You will notice the lack of commands immediately however, there is no /home nor /spawn command so you'll have to be careful and take precaution to not destroy spawn!  This makes me a little weary about newcomers at the moment since my moderation tools aren't in place, but things should be dandy for now.  

     This isn't to say that it's all bad, a new mod is on it's way that looks quite promising, however it would be nice if Notch just added a few things to the vanilla minecraft server that EVERY server should have the option of using.  For starters a ranking system, with colored names, mostly cosmetic. The ranks should give simple permissions like the ability to edit blocks, or the removal of usage to certain items (flint'n'steel/TnT) nothing too complex.  And to top it off, a whitelist and/or reservelist to help insure certain players access and to keep greifing at a low. I do admit having /home and /sethome for players was pretty nice, having the ranks(permission to edit) and whitelist is crucial for a good server, and many players would be good with just a vanilla server in that case.  Until that happens, I'll be awaiting Bukkit the new community mod that looks very promising.

     In light of all this, I'm not setting the server back like I was going to previous, we'll see how fixed everything is.  It seems that there was a redstone randomizer that I was using that was causing heavy lag on the minecarts.  I have fixed this and they should run much better now.  I put a little music box in the disco to keep things real, and the bank is getting a huge update.  But some people my ask, why a bank?  Well this server was started during the alpha times, and there are many new blocks and such, so I'm assuming that those things will begin to render as the map grows, but for the region that we're currently using there will be no lapiz stone and such.  There is also no Nether in this server, so in order to get those special blocks that you wouldn't normally be able to get because of these setbacks, you must go to the bank.  Where else can you get sponge?!  Still want people to be creative...

     I'm currently updating week 8's map, and perhaps I'll put every other week in a new perspective, since the players know where north is, this shouldn't be too confusing.  In celebration of the new items, I've tried to put cake in everyone's home!  Seeing the way things are going, perhaps in the future we'll make a new server map with all the new features, but while we're in beta, we'll try to patch our old map with the new stuff as much as possible to keep this map going as long as we can.  Happy Mining!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Minecraft Server "Fnord"

   As many of you may know I have a MineCraft server up, it's updated atm with new map/backup and Hey0.  Since MineCraft is in beta, the server will need updating every time there is a client update, and I like to wait for a version of Hey0 mod until vanilla has settings for user-rights/protection. (above you see a picture of Me, observing Kenmore's spider trap, however I couldn't see the spider.)

   Unfortunately, a portal to the nether has been built (Against my will) and the server will have to be reset.  It seems we have had some wiring issues and some sector problems as a result of this, I haven't had much time to look into it.  I noticed the disco stopped working at this time, and a few doors are now jammed open.  I will revert to a snapshot of week 7, so the server will have lost about half a week's worth of work.  I'm sorry for anyone who lost progress on this.  Player Franken200 has offered to help anyone build due to this roll-back.

  I'm starting to rewrite the MineCraft page a bit to be a bit more organized and offer more help and information for those looking at the server.  I also am going over making an official server topic at, but I've got to finish the revisions to the blog page first.  I also have been working on other stuff this week, and that is indeed taking priority... So it might be a bit longer.  Expect Updates!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Happy New Year!

When 2011 hit, I had exactly 111$ in my pocket...  I was playing Day of Defeat 1.3 with my friend Winklman and it was all around a good time.  There were even people playing Ricochet at that time... go figure.

Happy New Year to everyone I know, and I have a few stuff to update on my serves and work, so I'll start updating on what's holding me back or what's going up.