Thursday, January 13, 2011

Minecraft Server "Fnord"

   As many of you may know I have a MineCraft server up, it's updated atm with new map/backup and Hey0.  Since MineCraft is in beta, the server will need updating every time there is a client update, and I like to wait for a version of Hey0 mod until vanilla has settings for user-rights/protection. (above you see a picture of Me, observing Kenmore's spider trap, however I couldn't see the spider.)

   Unfortunately, a portal to the nether has been built (Against my will) and the server will have to be reset.  It seems we have had some wiring issues and some sector problems as a result of this, I haven't had much time to look into it.  I noticed the disco stopped working at this time, and a few doors are now jammed open.  I will revert to a snapshot of week 7, so the server will have lost about half a week's worth of work.  I'm sorry for anyone who lost progress on this.  Player Franken200 has offered to help anyone build due to this roll-back.

  I'm starting to rewrite the MineCraft page a bit to be a bit more organized and offer more help and information for those looking at the server.  I also am going over making an official server topic at, but I've got to finish the revisions to the blog page first.  I also have been working on other stuff this week, and that is indeed taking priority... So it might be a bit longer.  Expect Updates!

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