Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Timeless Twilight

     Many older shows like Lost in Space, which were believable when they first released because the common person didn't have the scientific knowledge to try to verify or justify the plot, became less believable as time progressed.  You wouldn't imagine how many people were genuinely worried for the Lost in Space crew just watching the show, and the all time concern over watching that show: "Why not just kill Dr.Smith?!" Which would ruin the whole dynamic of the show and it would become very boring after that, gotta love Dr.Smith. >:A

     However it's downfall came when it was too ridiculous to keep going, and the 'monsters' they would use for one episode were saved and used later on a different planet in another episode, needless to say if you were to watch this today, it wouldn't nearly have the same impact on a kid than it did when it came out because the kid (Besides seeing something in black and white perhaps for the first time and wondering why) wouldn't believe the premise.  Where at the same time, it's competitor Star Trek, which involved more realistic settings, would still be more or less buyable by today's settings.  You'd just get the whole retro 50's blast to the past feel.  Why didn't the future look like they thought it would in the 50's, that space-age look was badass...

     This is where shows like the Twilight Zone shine, because despite the setting being in the mindset of the yesteryear's production, it still holds the same impact watching it for the first time today than it would have watching it for the first time when it was released.  Making something that timeless is something I could only otherwise give credit to The Beatles for...  Here is one episode that I remember the best when I think twilight zone:

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