Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why don't people play games?

I understand that some people don't like games, however when you break them down into groups it's quite obvious why...

@Those who can't play - If you are an epileptic or have quadriplegia then it's very understandable why you would never play video games, but if you are uncoordinated or just plain suck at thinking - perhaps organised movements are too much for you, or so you make it seem. These people may try to play but end up making mistakes after mistakes which discourage them from playing. Little do they know, thats just a regular learning curve, and if they kept at it they would probably get good.

@Those who fear competition - You might be the best player in the world, but start sweating at the hands when someone wants you to prove yourself. Perhaps you just don't try because the whole idea of the game is to see who's better, maybe you are worried some jerk is going to call you a noob. (they'll do that no matter what) These people usually break out of their shells when they're ready enough, and then nothing can tame the silent killer.

@Those who's beliefs conflict with games - If you're religious, then it's hard to say what exactly this is about, but some religions don't allow violent and sometimes 'alternative' lifestyle depictions. I remember when Doom came out, it had the devil and thats what made it cool. Some people don't think thats soo cool... (for the hoard?)

@Those who aren't interested - This usually falls into the 'old people' category who seem to have 'outgrown' their ideas of fun, and now have lifestyles that don't include such. This can be further broken down into other categories, but if any of these apply then chances are most of them apply.

#Those who are lazy - People who would rather just sit and watch tv for hours melting away their minds away at something they have no control over. These people don't play games because they would rather just watch the next show of Lost instead, thus the fake premise of a poorly written story and their characters have more of an effect on that person than would a character they created in a game, who you control and you decide the fate for.

#Those who figure games are a waste of time - This can be construed many ways, but if you have a pilot's licence then it would make sense why you wouldn't want to play a game where you're flying... (however in most cases if you have a pilot's licence chances are you also have a flight simulator and some expensive gear to boot) or a Football manager playing Football Manager 2010 or those who would rather go outside and go to the disco or casino to spend their time and have fun. This makes lots of sense on the face value, but you can't do that everyday, well maybe going hiking everyday is good and healthy for ya, but certainly not going to the casino, nor going out all the time. Those things cost money, and unless your bucks up, a video game can be just and fulfilling and entertaining as say, going to the movies - and for the price of one ticket you can have hours of fun (depending on the game) in a comfortable environment. Some people would rather go out and plant a herb garden instead of play farmville, thats perfect and totally acceptable nobody wanted you playing that game anyway. However if you think it's a waste of time, then you might be one of those people who doesn't think about having fun, because you're a harsh mean ol'person who goes around enjoying what pain you cause others. 

#Those who can't relate with the premise of the game - For example, I dislike most sport games, because they're not really fun for me, I don't watch sports nor do I care who the players of which teams are and how good they are, so naturally a game recreating what I have nothing to do with wouldn't interest me. I do like Racing games a ton, because I can't afford to wreck thousands of cars before I get it right, and I do like some sports games playing competitively but for me I'd rather go outside and play soccer than play any madden (insert year here, doesn't really matter which year we kinda replace one or two things and sold it for the same price[I know those are two different sports]) game. However I'll probably end up playing sports game now and then because they're around - but when it comes to Princess Pink Party 2011 Barbie pretty pony surprise picture hunt or some whacky game like that, I'd have to be pretty drunk to even want to try to play it, no offence pretty barby pony you're just not my type. This also applies to those without rhythm and rhythm games, they may even want to play it but it's futile (because they refuse to keep at it).

#Those without reason - This is usually the characteristic of an older person past their 60s, but if you're that old, and the world has been a certain way for 60 years than dang nabit thats the way they are. They have no reason to tell you why they won't play a game, instead they tell you things that relate to them. You see this type of person for whatever reason doesn't like the idea of electronics used for casual use, much less if you're able to brutally kill someone with gore and detail that makes a regular kid go YES! However this also pertains to younger people who for some reason had a bad experience with games, or grew up with a social status they had to keep, thus gaming was never one of their concerns. They instead would care about styles and fashion or their prostitution and drugs whatever they were into to enhance their image and this is their conceptualization of fun. Why would you want to play a game if you're a prostitute, their life is basically a game. This usually ends up being crazy fickle people.

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