Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've got a whole in my Bukkit

     Fnord feels whole again, now that Bukkit is version 0.0.1 we will be testing out the waters of this wave in a can.  Tin bukkit can I mean, what's in it?

First there is the mother of all plugins:

Permissions - This lets me control who does what, but it's useless alone.  But needless to say this is the first step in any Bukkit server (unless you're doing something crazy).

Then there is:
AntiBuild - To keep those who I didn't invite from ruining anything, at least with with their hands, creepers be creeping.
BorderGuard - To keep you from making the map rediculous.
iChat - This gives us great colors, and other cool functionality like group names.

Then finally, the cornerstone of all mods:
Essentials - This does everything else you would expect from the server and more, from /home to /mail there are a wide variety of commands and goodies that come with this plugin, for most users this means /spawn and /home.  But mail is a good feature too for all to use, saves on signs.

Not enough? I'm looking at other mods, but until they become I want to use or more functional, I'll hold off on implementing them.  A stable server is better...  We shall say goodbye to - Fnord will no longer be tracked there for we are moving to - so no harm done.  I just want to save this screenshot of our placement and uptime stats.

     Also not enough? I will now render both day and night maps.  I was previously using Cartographer to map the server but I came across another one (mcmap) that has more updated blocks for Beta, and also renders biomes.  So you may like the new transition to the map because it's fuller and has better color, but it's lower resolution than cartographer was, and it doesn't render below the water level so you can't see trenches anymore. ;/  But overall it's a nicer map utility, and has some pretty nice detail compared to cartographer, so I'm happy.

I will also move all the previous links to older maps here, to clean up the main page a little bit.

*Week 1.5*

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