Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wrangler Bug TF2

     Not sure exactly what caused this bug, but I seem to have switched to my wrangler at an odd time. Then I noticed that my laser was originating from everywhere BUT my sentry, so I stopped and started to record. I ran around a bit with my sentry still responding to the position I was pointing, but then I started to think...
     Is the laser starting at one of the enemies sentries? Or Is it just deciding to be odd on me, and do other people see this as well... As I walked around the origin started to move on me. Eventually I switched weapons and it goes back to normal when I switch back to wrangler. Then with it normal, I walked to the enemy lines to see if I could see those sentry spots do my doom.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Speedy Servers

     It's been an interesting few weeks for the server, there have been lack of map updates mostly because the map has been tinkered with and had to expand.  There were three instances where I had to set the map back, so if you lost anything, bummer.  There were map errors and logic errors and spawn errors and multiworld issues.  Not that I have multiworld, but the issues were there...

     But I do proclaim the server and plugins are stable for once, CB556 seems to work fine for now on MC1.3_01.  So things are nice and smooth, and gameplay is all there, minor bugs.  And there is a new plugin addition, which will enable me to make music much easier and better quality.  There are other goodies available but I'm not disclosing those at the moment.

     And for the best announcement that a serverhost can make, the upload to the server just increased by 500% so you'll be loading things faster than ever.  Enjoy fellow CraftMiners.

Here is a video of me tinkering with bugs in the music plugin: (Midibanks)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hard Work's Night

     Many things have passes since I last left entry, I have been away for some while, busy with all kinds of work.  I'm in a hundred year old house, with leaks in the ceiling.  When you think you've killed all the spiders, the next day you see just as many who've resurrected back from the walls.  The paint seems weak and pealing off of the ceiling, drooping as if it was melting.  The corners of the house are riddled with grime, no matter how clean you think you get it, you see the next day that it somehow seeped through your walls and floor and is here to stay.  Forget about insulation, thats a thing of the future... The morning sun heats the outdoors faster than your house can get with all that cold trapped inside it.  So you're bundled up like an Eskimo. The floor is riddled with iron burns, as if someone thought it was a good idea to put designs in the floor with triangular accents.  But the dryer is broken, so that is almost conceivable.

Despite the century old conditions, it's a fairly neat place, and it's good to be free.