Monday, April 11, 2011

Feline Time

     So I got a new kitty, she is about 10 months old, and loves to cuddle.  A family friend owned her previously,  but they are no longer able to keep her due to health issues beyond their control.  I have named her Entropy because she's very personable (most of the time) and gets into every cranny.  She hides all her poop in her litter box, and is pretty clean about things.  Overall a great companion, who needs a roommate when you have a cat to knead you.  (ow ow ow)

     I also will name the 'pubic' MC server Entropy, when it ever gets initiated.  It's not a priority at the moment for me, so don't expect it anytime soon.  This is my second kitty, but I'd consider it my first one.  My first kitty I had when I was little, but I had it for no less than a month before I visited Mexico for summer vacation, only to come back to my room remodeled with all my possessions boxed and moved, and no kitty.  So that doesn't count... I had several girlfriends with cats, but thats always a different experience.

     I've been a dog person most my life, and it's crazy how many differences there are between them.  I still love dogs, and I could argue that some points the dog's personality are more favorable, but each have their perks and are fascinating.  She seems to be very feisty and friendly, such a furball. 

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