Saturday, April 16, 2011

The KeenSWH Cornerstone

     It's not everyday you come across a game/demo that has been sat on for years, and probably being the first one besides the maker(s) to play it.  Keen Software House has it's own in-house engine capable of things that most modern engines aren't able to pull off, however it's an interesting step backwards in the wake of the new and better technology coming out where you see the real magic.

     It's the root of the project, the chunk of code that started a 6DoF revolution that now we know as Miner Wars.  But how did it all start....  Now you can see for yourself, in a demonstration of the first engine prototype that runs in OpenGL which is quite a step away from our current XNA/C# DirectX system.

     Not really sure if it's officially named yet, but for the sake of nomenclature... I dub this VRage Miner.  VRage being the engine name, and Miner being the first implementation of what Marek Rosa foresaw as the bread and butter of his engine.  There are lingering feelings of Terminal Velocity and other old DOS games while I first played this, very colorful and retro nostalgia.

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