Monday, July 4, 2011

Steam Summer Sale (Free Game!)

     So if you had Steam you would already know there is this Summer Deal going on with these tickets you can trade in for prizes... one of these prizes is a free game worth 5$ (on sale?)[Alien Breed 2] and you're able to get 5(6) free tickets right now.  Also Team Fortress2 is now Free to Play.

     Each prize is 3 tickets to redeem, so that's two free prizes anyone new to steam is able to redeem.  Unless you're the type of person to reject free stuff, I think many people would like a free game(or few)... so how to get the tickets?

First: Get Steam (and an account).

2nd:  Put 10 steam items(games) on your wishlist.  Basically you find ten (expensive) game's store page, and there should be a button that says 'Wishlist'.  You push them...  Get 10 or more items on that list.

3rd:  Go to and look at the Daily Deals for your progress, and other ways to get tickets.  Every day will have a free way to get a ticket on the last place on the list.  You can go to previous days and still get those tickets too, then Redeem them for what you want and presto, profit!

      This will be stuff like.. connect to Facebook, write on someone's wall, write a game recommendation (TF2 is free, say whatever), or playing some TF2 and joining 2Fort(or any level) and getting caught on fire (which is easy enough), and jumping in the water in the middle..., or joining a steam group.

Success: You now have a free game or few, be sure to read the prizes, not all of them are games, and most of them are DLC or special cosmetics for other games, there is only one free game, but the TF2 sunglasses can also benefit anyone since that game is now also free.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 
     So that's how you do it, Free games, and many games on sale.  If you plan on buying the games this is how the sale works: There are three tiers of sale going on....

Third tier is every game that goes on sale from the summer sale.... they are on sale but it's the highest sale price.  Most games are locked in this price.

Second tier are the games on the front store page under Daily Deals[Featured Items]... Those games are significantly dropped in price for that day, and there are about 12 of them.

First tier sale items are the ones that are currently in the prizebooth, the ones that have the day's tickets available for them.  These games will have the best sale price, but might end up being indie games, unlike most of the second tier's first class games.

Also every day at 10AM is when they switch the daily deal (In California's timezone) in case you wanted to know how long you had, there is also a timer on the store page.

Happy Gaming~