Friday, September 16, 2011

Portal is Free until Sep. 20th (2011)

     If you have never played Portal, this is a must for people in our generation.  Like how Half-Life changed the way first person shooters told story-line, Portal is one of those rare games devoid of violence, but still packs a punch like a psychological thriller, while maintaining a G rating cute look and feel.

     If you don't have Portal, you should get it free here now!  Here are some excuses I will not accept:

1) I don't have a computer... (Somehow you seemed to have seen this, so somehow you have a computer accessible to you.)

2) My computer isn't good enough to play games... (Well someone's computer is, this game is attached to an account you can use and download it at any computer, not only at your own.  At least you'll own it and be able to play it in the future when you aren't so technologically feeble.)

3) I have a mac...  (Steve Jobs seems to have quit his job, but before he did, he allowed OpenGL in Apple OS to be opened to other programs [Like Steam] so you're now able to play source games... You did well on this decision before you left Jobs... Hopefully Apple takes this hint and opens up new ways to make it a more stable platform for polygons.)   (Long story short, it works, Do it.)

4) I have a terminal illness.... (You especially need to download this, the knowledge rooted in this game might just be what you need to die happy.)

5) I play League of Legends (Is that game real, NOPE Chuck Testa)

     If you've had enough and want to download this game now, click here!  Otherwise, check out to see whats Valve is thinking releasing their games for free...  These lucky kids get to go to Valve studios and learn Hammer from the Devs.

     The idea is that video games are becoming more like educational tools, and now people are buying into the fact that physics and spacial reasoning and problem solving environments create more interested and engaged kids.

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  1. You really are a leugue of legends hater aren't you? You should download it and try it out and I don't want to hear any of these exuse:

    1. Its stupid ( well you are downloading it to try it out)
    2. I played it but I suck( you need practice try the co-op vs AI mode)
    3. My hard drive is full( delete something(spiral knight is a good exampe to delete))
    4. I don't have frIends to play with ( find and make some friends.
    5. I got a mac....( dont you dare to use that! I'm not wasting any of my time on that problem, it works fine btw)

    Enjoy mem!