Monday, January 16, 2012

The TRUTH about Solitaire on Windows 7

     On multiple occasions I exited the Solitaire game in Vegas mode(save game on exit) with winnings in excess of ten thousand dollars (in the black), not once would it be able to save any progress past the ten thousand dollar mark.  I think the programmers under mind the use of their software, and should go back into that long forgotten piece of code and fix this.

     Starting since windows Vista, this bug in the 'new' and 'better' has offended my father who plays this game religiously.  Aware of this fact, he must keep his computer on at all times to save his progress of winnings... Sometimes, as his computer administrator I would require to reboot the computer loosing all of his winnings, and remembering only the save before this ten thousand dollar mark.  This would make him upset.

    He feels Microsoft owes him at least 14,000 dollars of Solitaire Vegas score.  Not that he won't make this amount again, but not resetting your computer because Solitaire can't save your progress is pretty ridiculous, especially when the cap is relatively low.