Friday, April 20, 2012

Kerbal Space Crash!

     Who isn't into space games?  I know a lot of people think it's Rocket Science, but that's only half the fun.  It's mostly physics and mastering our ability to defeat gravity, which is basically the objective of this game.  Kerbal Space Program is a pretty unique game, the goal is to, get as far as you can... which seems easy going one way, but the real challenge there is to get back.  Frankly, leaving earth is it's own challenge but once you can get past that, you can experiment with getting to the moon, perhaps farther, or just in orbit, and staying there.  The interesting part is you can build your own rocket, in about any design you can think of, and then program the rocket to go of in stages to time your ascent into the heavens.

     The game is on a pre-order/donate basis, but there is a demo out you can get your hands on and try this out for yourself.  The demo is more than a demo, it's basically the full working game, but an early stage of development build, so it lacks the nicest features that the game has updated.  Which isn't too bad, but the game is worth the donation.  You'll be surprised how fun building rockets and trying to save your little guys from their unknowing doom.

Here is my 7th try at a rocket, of the production line 'Jupiter' which was pretty successful.  I had other lines and more rockets but this one worked well with the parts I used with an even earlier release.  One thing is for sure about this game, Jeb is loving it!

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