Friday, April 20, 2012

The trend of Video Game Music

     Music is an important part of the experience in any video game.  It serves not only to portray the feeling of the game and actions, but all old-school games which were inferior in hardware had to make use of some sort of melody to make any memorable tune at all, there were no audio renderings or sampled sound effects back then.  Simple pitches and usually four banks; where you would get lucky to have extensive noise functions much less reverb.

     Many of the older genre of Video games have very memorable music because they had nothing but pitches to work with, many of them have very complex melodies.  I feel this is somewhat lost in today's modern video game music trying to recreate the style and sound of a production movie soundtrack.  Sometimes I feel cheated with all the orchestration going on, and that feel the loss of nostalgia you come to expect from a video game's 'chip tunes', and the wide variety of styles you may find in one game.

     Not to say modern music hasn't made it's impact in video games, such as Halo's OST and Shadow of the Colossus' arrangements.  However it's rare to get the quality of immersion in modern games such as Osmos, where the soundtrack is strangely what is should be, or Perfect Dark 64 where all the music was well timed and situational.  Everyone knows Pac-Man's Theme!

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