Thursday, May 3, 2012

Path of Exile - POE

Path of Exile

Beta Builds

     Path of Exile is pretty fun, a little quirky around the edges but it's not too bad, here is a video of something graphically wrong that happened, this is the only time I've ever seen something like this, but interesting to see:

     However I've already spent hours with my friends testing out certain ideas and comparing our ideas for our skill trees...  We all seem to have a different idea of how to play every class, which is really fun and diverse, even when we're playing the same 'class'.  Here are a few builds I've made, in order of character creation:

Dual Wield Duelist: Dual Duelist
Dark Templar (Necromancer Templar):  Dark Templar
Elemental Witch: TriSpell Witch
Bow Ranger (DPS): Ranged Ranger
Blunt Marauder: (No Crits/No Mana): Blood Marauder
Martyr Templar (MLG): Suicide Class

     I base many of my builds around the workings of other near by class's tree structures, taking a few bits from the trees starting at another classes base.  Hopefully if there is a passive tree change these will still work in the future to compare, but I'm having fun with the Dark Templar build the most atm, because the combination of being able to cast/fight/summon is very handy.  Except when playing with friends, the minions you get start to throw everyone off!  Here is the Dark Templar in Action!

     Needless to say, this game is pretty fun.  The style of the game including the dead babies on the beach and the enemy taking swords out from themselves to fight you keeps me intrigued.

Now to test that Martyr Templar...

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