Sunday, June 10, 2012

E3 End and Recap

The show was a bit slow this year overall, a huge dissapointment from the big console companies who all had little sparkle compared to years past.  Microsoft had Halo 4 and Nintendo had the Wiiu out on display as their trump cards, as Sony was pushing their 3D tech.  World of warplanes was quite an impressive display.  Sega was bringing back some of their classics, who doesn't like Jet set radio? was showing off Hawking which I got to play a bit, and it certainly felt mechy. Most of the time I was sitting in a booth all day so the little I got to see I'm sharing, also little is relative here, because I tried to see as much as I could.  Disney had a pretty exclusive prize this year, Oswald ears as a promotional item for their new Epic Mickey game. Went to Disneyland right after that wearing them, and their exclusivity  drove people nuts. Two employees tried to jokingly take then from me, and countless people asked about their origin and purpose.  good thing I obtained a few pairs.. :)

Was never really into call of duty, but black ops two actually has new and exciting content, like an rts element where you can command and switch between units real time.  Not to mention lazy boy recliners for their show, which was pretty swag.  On the fighter side, a new dragon ball game looked like you could finally kameameha with the kinect.  played a bit of kingdom hearts for the 3Ds and it wasn't funky like the other hand held systems.  Nintendo had a new Mario however don't think your skills will crossover, there are totally different physics, and gameplay elements involved, despite them bringing back old ones, like raccoon Mario.

Assassins creed three was nothing new unless you consider adding multiplayer a vast improvement.  Cry engine looks great, amazingly even on the consoles... However the games releasing on it are somewhat cookie cutter. medal of honor somewhat feels like call of duty, and crysis was kinda cool, but the gameplay looked somewhat like their previous one, weird balance of tactics, but the environments were pretty impressive, and multiplayer looked decent.

Enjoy a few pictures:

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