Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guess what happens when you turn the 'Not of this World' logo upside down?

Bet you didn't see this one coming...

You get a message from the new testament...


  1. wow..... -___________________________-
    why is the "n" changed?? You just changed the "N" to make it the way you want it to... EPIC FAIL.

  2. I agree Epic Fail!

  3. LOL seriously? Yes, the "N" has definitely been changed. And it looks more like a "G" than a "B" anyway.
    Lame doesn't begin to describe this "blog"

  4. You seam like ones of Not Gods Disciples! Why you be spending time in weakness ways? So The Crucifixion of Jesus if we turn it up side down? Jesus dyed in the Cross that is it. This logo is for us who believe in His Word, and live Not for this world, and you surely ate from this world for if not you wont waste time searching for ways to please your master all the con.

  5. Sadly to know that many out there choose to live upside down, so sad.