Fnord (MineCraft Server)


Private Server Survival Multiplayer

Server Psychology:

     The idea is the same style gameplay you would have with singleplayer, but in multiplayer.  Simply, the feeling of mining alone, with people to make your day.  The server is based on Survival tactics, meaning that there are no kits available or 'builder' class of player who is able to spawn to build.  There is no economy, players are encouraged to mine for their own resources and build an establishment away from spawn.  Players are also expected to respect other's assets.  Building must be conformist to the surroundings, the farther away you build from a city, the more ridiculous you may build.  Building below the cloud line is preferable because it  gives a better perception of scale.  The overall Idea is fun, but with an organised theme so things never get out of hand.  
     Although a vanilla gameplay is desirable, there are a few exceptions.  Since there are no good ways to get certain blocks that are out of abundance or existence due to the nature of the Alpha generated map, there is a Bank.  The Bank is filled with materials either not obtainable or in low abundance, the players are expected to deposit materials that are no longer needed for the materials they do need.  More information on the Bank on the Bank Wall.  There are also two spawn points for players; players may always be able to meet up at /spawn and will be able to /sethome to designate their own /home spawn point.  There is a cooldown to traveling like this, death will not reset that cooldown.
Don't forget to read the blog!

Server Settings (CraftBukkit)
Animals = on
Monsters= on
PVP = on
Server Plugins: BorderGuard, Essentials Suite, MidiBanks, GroupManager, DynMap
Plugin Settings:
Border: 2,000x2,000 blocks
Groups (Permissions):
  -Guest - Default Group, No permissions to build or destroy.  But you may move, and see.
  -User  - This is the standard group, you can build and set home.  You can send and receive messages, and use /compass and /depth.
  -Fnordic  -  This is the Civilian Group, those who consider Fnord home.
  -Girl  -  Those who are usually bubbly in nature. Pink and hearts.
  -VIP -  People who were personally invited by MemoryThief, or know him in RL.
  -Donor - Those who donate $$, get a special blue color, as well as a /heal with 1 min cooldown and /top which will take you to the highest point you're under, good for escaping from caves.

Ventrilo Server:
     We encourage all participants to join our server's Ventrilo Server.  Even if you don't have a mic, it's good to be able to listen in, so you can hear what's going on, and then respond via text in game.... We're all friendly, and it's always open. Best of all,  It's public!

Ventrilo IP:      fnord.dyndns-server.com       (not same as server IP)
Default Port/ No Password

Uptime Monitor:

Current Map


Dated Maps
Day: http://zoom.it/B28q
Night: http://zoom.it/ocd4
Day: http://zoom.it/jw2b
Night: http://zoom.it/5KAb
Day: http://zoom.it/dTC6
Night: http://zoom.it/zkuO
Day: http://zoom.it/PB6b
Night: http://zoom.it/nM7B
(Mind the gap)
Day: http://zoom.it/Xg6K
Night: http://zoom.it/1ymw
Day: http://zoom.it/rfqb
Night: http://zoom.it/76R4
Day: http://zoom.it/fVdi
Night: http://zoom.it/Xw1n
Day: http://zoom.it/fcJI
Night: http://zoom.it/bouh
#Mind the Gap
Day: http://zoom.it/NEWd
Night: http://zoom.it/Mi9g

Old Maps


I want you to enjoy your freedom and creativity, but there are some exceptions that will net you an instant ban or loss of user privileges.

1. NO griefing, or anything construed as such. Instant ban.
2. No building outside your territory without first consulting your neighbors!
3. No 1x1 or 2x2 towers! Remove blocks used for building.  Keep buildings out of the cloud layer.
4. Respect the buildings and everything inside them, if you cause damage either by creeper or any other way, you must rebuild with any material you have.
5. If in an area that is owned/founded by another player, you must abide by all their rules imposed on their land.  No stealing or building on any land that is taken.
6. You must stay in side the safe /house (observatory) at night, this is to prevent damage from creepers and other potential problems with enemys.
7. Read the signs, they'll help you stay in the clear.
8. Have fun!

Also I would appreciate if you don't build near spawn, or mine the caves near it.  Go out and find your own area to claim, there are many free uninhabited areas.

How to join?!
     In order to join, I must first verify you are sane and mature. (Well sanity isn't a biggie) This is a private and free server, so I must know that all participants are of good nature.  But before I even know your name, or your age, or your anything I would like you to choose a spot on the map to build on.  Every player must choose a spot on the map and build there exclusively.  You get a designated area to build in and other players will respect it.  I want players to stick to only building in their designated areas, you may mine elsewhere however as long as that area is not: designated, lit by torches, or have buildings/structures.
Contact me via Xfire or Steam.
Xfire: memorythief (or use banner link on bottom of page)
Steam: memory_thief

Additionally you may choose to donate which helps me out, and motivates updates and backup/maps.  Put your username in the note and I'll change your group.


  1. Hi, I want to play on server too, I invited you in steam so what i have to say or ask to join server? My steam name is Anton1188 but in minecraft its AkumaFuton.

  2. Hi,

    I have added you on xfire, to join the server.
    My name is richje700, accept my invite plz, so we can talk better.


  3. My area is large and amazing
    Happy face

  4. I'm playing on Fnord for some time now, since december. we build a lot.... if you check the map. the largest city (with the lava wall and big wall around it in middle of the map) currently on the map and we have had no problems so far.
    I'm living in Holland that is on the other side of the world, cause server is in US. (california)
    You would think i'm lagging as hell, but no... no single rollback or some other issues have occured.

    further more is the server not to big. ppl that are online build nice thinks and noting is being griefed. diamand blocks on the wall have never been griefed, ever.

    if you want to join a server, join this one! i will personally show u our city!

  5. MemoryThief, I don't know when you might see this but I don't have Steam or Xfire so how would I talk to you.

  6. If you don't have Xfire nor Steam, I have toyed around with the idea of an official MinecraftForum topic, in which case if you have purchased the game you must also have an account to. However you'll have to wait till I get around to it, if you're still interested.

  7. Memorythief.
    I saw your topic which was on the minecraftservers.net forums and i really liked your idea of THE PERFECT SERVER.
    Is this is still going on? Is there a possibility to join?

  8. This is going on, I've had a bit of downtime, if you want to join, contact via Steam or Xfire is preferred. I'm almost ready to make an official topic and potentially go sub-public with it, but not yet...

  9. http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1020&t=276506

    Awww Ya

  10. i want to join, but wat is steam but i dont has steam profile

  11. MemoryThief! This is MewSmash and may i ask you.. Why was i banned i just came back from school wanting to play on the Server and this is what i get? I didnt evn did anything bad when i play on the server! I think someone played as me and made me get banned... D:

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